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Lex Take Pics Photographer in Boise Idaho


Hi! I’m Lexi Hampton. So happy you're here! I’m a beach town California girl who now currently resides in Boise, Idaho! My husband is truly my best friend and we enjoy adventures and trying new things. I’m a light master, candid creator, and memory capturer, aka a photographer.


I got started with my love for photography a long time ago. I loved looking at different photographer's work and appreciating the beauty of capturing all kinds of people in all sorts of locations. I didn't think that I could be one of those photographers until my in-laws noticed that I had an eye for photos. I laughed it off. My husband agreed that I really would enjoy photography. He was the one that really encouraged me to move forward and get my first camera, learn how to use it, and eventually set up my business name, “Lex Take Pics.”


My husband is a physical therapist and it has become his passion. Since photography has become my passion it really has brought us closer together than ever. I finally found the thing that I crave that brings me so much joy. I love being able to create lasting pictures and memories for all of my couples and families. I want my shots to tell your story in an authentic way and translate images into family heirlooms. If you want to connect, feel free to email me at

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