A Dressy Occasion

Let's take a little blast to the past shall we? Back in high school I went to different school dances like Winter Formal, Prom, etc. Almost every time I went to Donna Anderson, the owner of "A Dressy Occasion." I loved all of my dresses so much! I'm not going to lie, I really didn't enjoy high school too much, but those moments where I got to have fun with awesome friends in a beautiful dress were priceless. My Winter Formal Dress my senior year. My Mormon Prom dress. My first dress I bought from "A Dressy Occasion." My Winter Formal Dress my junior year. Now fast forward to the present. Earlier this month I had the privilege to capture a seriously gorgeous wedding dress from "A Dressy Occas

Why I Love Family Sessions

If you see me at a family photo session behind the camera, most likely you will see me jumping up and down, making monkey noises, and silly faces. I LOVE EVERY MOMENT OF IT! My current full time job when I am not behind the camera is being a nanny to two little munchkins. I absolutely love kids. Usually when my family gets together you will find me hanging out with all the kiddos. They are just so full of light and excitement! You never know what they are going to say and a good chunk of the time it's absolutely hilarious! Fall is my favorite time of the year! Why?! CHRISTMAS CARDS!! I love when families use their pictures for Christmas cards. It just gives me that extra warm and fuzzy feeli

What to Wear for Family Photos?!

GENERAL TIPS Start with one person It’s way easier to visualise the whole puzzle once you know what one piece looks like. Try starting with mom or daughter, since women’s clothing tends to have more colors and prints. Coordinating colors but not matching All black shirts and jeans or white shirts and khaki pants are long past! We want colors that generally complement each other. Look at your home decor If the coloring of your location and/or clothes will look funky in your home, don't do it! Look at the coloring in your home and decide which location and clothes will look the best. Consider your background Let your clothing match your surroundings. You do not want to blend into the backgroun

Wagher Wedding - Part 1

Since I love way too many of Brianna and Jacob's wedding photos, I am actually going to divide them into three different blogs so stay tuned! So I actually knew Brianna because December of last year I took her sister's wedding pictures! You can see their pictures on my previous blog called, "Palmer Wedding." Brianna does hair and actually did her sister, Joelle's, hair for her wedding. I fell in love with their family. They were so sweet and just good people that you always want to be around. Brianna and Jacob wanted their bridals done just a little bit before their sealing ceremony, which was perfect. It gave them the opportunity to be together and laugh and kiss before making sacred promis

Fall Mini Sessions 2018

I have BIG NEWS! I am now currently booking fall mini sessions! Since family photography is my favorite I am so excited for these to begin! Book now... don't want to be late on your Christmas cards again...we've all been there. You can email me at lexi.trask@gmail.com or text me at 949-315-8466.

The Girl with the Camera

Hi, I’m Lexi Hampton. I’m a beach town California girl who was raised by a mother who loves capturing memories who grew up with a mother who has albums and albums to prove that she was the same. My husband is truly my best friend and we enjoy adventures and trying new things. I’m a light master, candid creator, and memory capturer, aka a photographer. I got started with my love for photography a long time ago. I loved looking at photographers work and appreciating the beauty of capturing all kinds of people in all sorts of locations. I did not see that I could be one of those photographers until my in-laws noticed that I had an eye for photos. I laughed it off. My husband agreed that I reall

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