Charters Family

Meet the Charters family! I met Jessica at work when I was in Utah. We worked at a online race registration company called, Race Entry. She truly made work so enjoyable! I loved coming in to work, seeing her friendly welcoming face and talking to her about anything and everything. I remember when she mentioned this guy that she was interested her and encouraging her to go for it... they ended up getting married and they are the most ADORABLE couple. Yay! Her husband's name is Dallin, which is also the name of her brother! Dallin, her brother, is going to leave soon on his mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and so they wanted to get some family pictures done before he

Cactus Butt!

As a photographer there are many times I need to go into some fun positions in order to get in the right shot. Sometimes as I'm backing up trying to get the right angle I may back up into certain things... You may notice that I take a lot of pictures around cacti since I live in Arizona. Well there have been multiple times where I was taking pictures near cacti and all of a sudden a get pricked! One of these times I was taking pictures of a super cute family at the Riparian Preserve. There were a bunch of small, purple cacti and I wasn't watching and then all of a sudden... ouch! It poked me right on the bottom. There were a bunch of little tiny pricks stuck to me and there wasn't too much I


Alexia was the first senior I got to capture of the season. She flew all the way from Nebraska just for me to take her pictures... Haha jk! She came down to go to a Beyonce concert! We went to the Desert Botanical Gardens and she was an absolute bomb shell! Alexia used to live in Arizona but then moved to Nebraska when she was eight. It was such an honor to take pictures of her back in her roots of Arizona surrounded by beautiful different types of cacti.

Steadman Family

Fall family sessions are here! And I am so incredibly excited! I had so much fun capturing the darling Steadman family at the Desert Botanical Garden. If you haven't checked out this gorgeous cactus filled spot in Phoenix, you're missing out! It is so beautiful. There is everything there from all kinds of small cacti, big cacti, skinny cacti, fat get my drift. If you are a cactus lover this place is a serious MUST! There was a point in the session where their little guy needed a diaper change. So I took pictures of their two other kiddos and we had so much fun running, pretending to be airplanes, jumping around, etc. Those moments are my favorite in family sessions. I love being

10 Fun Facts about Me

Hey everyone! Here’s some fun facts that you might not know about me: 1. I LOVE DANCING!! Growing up I would go to all of the church dances which were almost every weekend. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’m very good at dancing but it’s definitely my way of having fun and getting loose! 2. Seth and I like to come up with ways to embarrass our future kids. Yup, we’re going to be those parents! 3. I’m a total Disney nerd. I grew up super close to Disneyland and consider it my second home. I could listen to the songs and watch the movies all day! 4. I love roller skating! Call me a hippie 90’s kid but it really is super fun! 5. No matter how hot it gets outside, I am can always eat soup. 6. Hav

Wagher Wedding - Part 3

Brianna and Jacob had the most gorgeous wedding reception! They had the yummiest little dessert bar and delicious different kinds of lemonades. Something that I love about weddings is when the guests aren't shy to get up and dance! Two of my favorite moments were one of these little little kids dancing together and having the best time of their life. They weren't dancing out of pressure from their parents but out of wanting to just have some fun! Watching Brianna's darling grandma dance the night away though was probably one of my absolute favorite moments of the night. She was dancing like she was back in her twenties and I was loving it! I want to be just like that! Enjoy these wonderful p

Let's Go to "Lunch"

So a couple of weeks ago we went to DISNEYLAND! My parents gave us passes last year for Christmas so we have been using them up as much as we can. We were packing up and getting ready to go and Seth said that he wanted to take me to this special lunch before we went out of town. I was super curious why he decided to take me to this special lunch in Arizona if we were heading out of town for vacation. He had me close my eyes as we were leaving our apartment and just a few minutes later we arrived. He told me to open my eyes and I noticed that we were at THE BILTMORE! I was like, this is so cool! We barely ever even go out to eat so this was definitely a treat. Then my husband, Seth, continued

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