Wagher Wedding - Part 1

Since I love way too many of Brianna and Jacob's wedding photos, I am actually going to divide them into three different blogs so stay tuned! So I actually knew Brianna because December of last year I took her sister's wedding pictures! You can see their pictures on my previous blog called, "Palmer Wedding." Brianna does hair and actually did her sister, Joelle's, hair for her wedding. I fell in love with their family. They were so sweet and just good people that you always want to be around.

Brianna and Jacob wanted their bridals done just a little bit before their sealing ceremony, which was perfect. It gave them the opportunity to be together and laugh and kiss before making sacred promises to each other. Brianna and Jacob met in their YSA ward in Gilbert, Arizona. Jacob proposed at the most darling little duck pond...how sweet is that?!

If you have seen my previous work, you would know that I do not enjoy working in harsh light. However in the fourth picture down below, there is a picture of Brianna smiling so big as she is in the harsh light and it turned out to be one of my favorite photos of them! It goes to show that obviously we want the most perfect lighting when taking pictures and we want everything to be perfect, but sometimes there's those moments where the lighting isn't as perfect, but the moment is there and at the end of the day that's what really matters, capturing those raw beautiful candid moments.

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