Why I Love Family Sessions

If you see me at a family photo session behind the camera, most likely you will see me jumping up and down, making monkey noises, and silly faces. I LOVE EVERY MOMENT OF IT! My current full time job when I am not behind the camera is being a nanny to two little munchkins. I absolutely love kids. Usually when my family gets together you will find me hanging out with all the kiddos. They are just so full of light and excitement! You never know what they are going to say and a good chunk of the time it's absolutely hilarious!

Fall is my favorite time of the year! Why?! CHRISTMAS CARDS!! I love when families use their pictures for Christmas cards. It just gives me that extra warm and fuzzy feeling at Christmas time. Every time I go into a family session I think to myself that I want this session to be the best I have ever done. I want your pictures to be the best of the best of your family. I basically want your Christmas card to actually stay up on your friend's fridge year round because it's so adorable.

Although I love shooting weddings, seniors, and all other kinds of photography, nothing brings me more joy than capturing families who love each other. Some of my favorite pictures of all time are the candid ones. Yea, it is good to get a few pictures where everyone is looking directly at the camera, but the candid pictures causes you to FEEL the emotion and the love that your family has for one another. The great thing about candid pictures is allowing your family to just have fun! I love coming up with fun prompts and games for your family to feel comfortable while creating lasting, fun memories.

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