A Dressy Occasion

Let's take a little blast to the past shall we? Back in high school I went to different school dances like Winter Formal, Prom, etc. Almost every time I went to Donna Anderson, the owner of "A Dressy Occasion." I loved all of my dresses so much! I'm not going to lie, I really didn't enjoy high school too much, but those moments where I got to have fun with awesome friends in a beautiful dress were priceless.

My Winter Formal Dress my senior year.

My Mormon Prom dress. My first dress I bought from "A Dressy Occasion."

My Winter Formal Dress my junior year.

Now fast forward to the present. Earlier this month I had the privilege to capture a seriously gorgeous wedding dress from "A Dressy Occasion" in a styled shoot. It brought back all of the memories of going into Donna's place and picking out a beautiful dress that was perfect for me. This particular dress had a stunning, unique pattern that I absolutely adored! It was so flowy and made for the most gorgeous pictures. I was so happy to hear that Donna has opened up a second location here in Gilbert, Arizona! Her dresses are so beautiful for truly an occasion. You can check out her work at https://adressyoccasion.com/

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