Let's Go to "Lunch"

So a couple of weeks ago we went to DISNEYLAND! My parents gave us passes last year for Christmas so we have been using them up as much as we can. We were packing up and getting ready to go and Seth said that he wanted to take me to this special lunch before we went out of town. I was super curious why he decided to take me to this special lunch in Arizona if we were heading out of town for vacation. He had me close my eyes as we were leaving our apartment and just a few minutes later we arrived. He told me to open my eyes and I noticed that we were at THE BILTMORE! I was like, this is so cool! We barely ever even go out to eat so this was definitely a treat.

Then my husband, Seth, continued to say that we were not only going to eat here, but that we were going to STAY THE NIGHT!! I couldn't believe it! So we ended up staying the night at one of the most well known hotels in the entire country which ended up being literally about 3-4 minutes away from our house. We had so many fun memories! We had super nice meals for one and since it was a resort it was all included, which is always a huge plus. There are multiple pools at the resort and we ended up finding one where we were the only ones there! It was a dream to say the least.

Some fun facts about Seth, he's kind of a dork! Good news is I am too, haha! One of the things he is totally geeky about is the fact that he loves corn hole like a good Southern man should and he could play putt-putt all day every day. These two facts are important to know because it's two big reasons why he decided to go to the Biltmore instead of any other resort in Phoenix. I love it!

One awesome thing that happened that we were not expecting is that we ran into this super awesome unique worker at the Biltmore that we have never seen before. He was a pest control worker, but not just any pest control worker, his name is, Diablo, a beautiful, intense FALCON! YES YOU READ CORRECTLY! Diablo was trained to scare away and get rid of mice, pigeons, etc. We had the opportunity to talk to his owner for a while and it was amazing to hear that this was his actual job, to train birds! It was definitely an unforgettable experience.

Seriously so grateful for this sweet hubby of mine who always puts me first and always tries different ways to surprise me and make my day. I truly will never forget our wonderful night at the Biltmore hotel.

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