10 Fun Facts about Me

Hey everyone! Here’s some fun facts that you might not know about me:

1. I LOVE DANCING!! Growing up I would go to all of the church dances which were almost every weekend. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’m very good at dancing but it’s definitely my way of having fun and getting loose!

2. Seth and I like to come up with ways to embarrass our future kids. Yup, we’re going to be those parents!

3. I’m a total Disney nerd. I grew up super close to Disneyland and consider it my second home. I could listen to the songs and watch the movies all day!

4. I love roller skating! Call me a hippie 90’s kid but it really is super fun!

5. No matter how hot it gets outside, I am can always eat soup.

6. Have you heard of Good Mythical Morning?? If you haven’t where have you been?! It’s just the funniest two guys on Youtube and if you’re a fan then we are going to get along just fine. “Let’s talk about that!”

7. Embarrassing short story: So basically I used to think that pickles came from a pickle tree… ya I’ll just leave that there…

8. I am SUPER afraid of snakes. This is kind of inconvenient sometimes because most of the time I have to go into the desert for photoshoots where there are rattle snakes. I’m so paranoid about them that I’ll clap my hands like a crazy person and walk slowly to make sure that no snakes creep up by me.

9. I am a full time nanny! When I am not taking pictures of amazing people I am taking care of the cutest little babies.

10. A random hobby of mine is that I love meal prepping! For most people it’s a chore but I love trying out new healthy recipes.

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