Steadman Family

Fall family sessions are here! And I am so incredibly excited! I had so much fun capturing the darling Steadman family at the Desert Botanical Garden. If you haven't checked out this gorgeous cactus filled spot in Phoenix, you're missing out! It is so beautiful. There is everything there from all kinds of small cacti, big cacti, skinny cacti, fat get my drift. If you are a cactus lover this place is a serious MUST!

There was a point in the session where their little guy needed a diaper change. So I took pictures of their two other kiddos and we had so much fun running, pretending to be airplanes, jumping around, etc. Those moments are my favorite in family sessions. I love being able to have the kids let loose and be themselves. I want the pictures I capture to show families as who they really are, even if they are a little crazy sometimes! Crazy is fun!

My favorite go to prompt for families is TICKLE FIGHTS! Even just thoughts of a tickle fight makes me smile and giggle a little. They are so fun! Even if you are one of those people who is all like, "I'm not ticklish..." Yeah well we will see about that! You can't fool me! Haha!

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