Cactus Butt!

As a photographer there are many times I need to go into some fun positions in order to get in the right shot. Sometimes as I'm backing up trying to get the right angle I may back up into certain things... You may notice that I take a lot of pictures around cacti since I live in Arizona. Well there have been multiple times where I was taking pictures near cacti and all of a sudden a get pricked!

One of these times I was taking pictures of a super cute family at the Riparian Preserve. There were a bunch of small, purple cacti and I wasn't watching and then all of a sudden... ouch! It poked me right on the bottom. There were a bunch of little tiny pricks stuck to me and there wasn't too much I could do because I was in the middle of a photo session so my hubby tried his best to get them out for me while I continued shooting, so embarrassing! That is when I got my new nickname to add to my name nicknames my husband, Seth, has for me...Cactus Butt!

This little guy basically described me when I was getting punctured...

Another time, I was shooting a proposal at the Desert Botanical Garden. I was taking some ring shots with the cactus and thought that everything was going to be ok... not! If you have ever heard of the evil Cholla cactus you know where this is going. I was pricked all over my arm! The super embarrassing part was that the boyfriend who was about to propose and his friends had to help me take off as many as we could before his girlfriend showed up. It was hilarious but also so embarrassing! Gotta love those moments though! Do you have any embarrassing moments? I would love to hear about it! Share below!

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