Alisha & Maurice

My couples' session with Alisha and Maurice is definitely one I will never forget. These two were so happy and so in love! The entire time they were smiling and laughing and could keep their eyes off each other. It is so refreshing to see a couple who really are best friends. They have the cutest story too! They have been married for four years, but they met fifteen years ago in high school. Little did they know that they would fall in love! There were so many favorite moments from our session. Usually when I begin a session there's a few things I'll ask such as if you have a "better side" because in my opinion I personally totally have one, haha! When I asked Alisha if she had a preference her husband genuinely replied, "Her sides are equally beautiful." My heart just melted!

In a questionnaire I gave them beforehand to get to know them I asked them if they could pick one world to describe them as a couple what would it be, and they said, "connected." You could really see how connected they are as a couple and the love that they have for each other.

Another question I ask was, "If you walked away from your session with only one dream photo, what would it be?" And they answered, "Joy captured with an essence of Arizona." If you look through these pictures I would say we nailed that! Take a look!

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