Johnston Family

It was an absolute blast to meet the Johnston Family. Their three little men were so adorable! We took their pictures in downtown Phoenix at Heritage Square on a beautiful morning. They were dressed so perfectly classy. Our session was full of so much laughter! Some of my favorite moments from the shoot was when I had the boys surprise run up to their dad which turned into a big tickle fight! Another hilarious moment was when I asked the youngest boy to kiss his mom and he just needed a little nudge. So I brought out my handy Smarties candy and had his mom place it in her mouth and made it so that he had to kiss her in order to eat the candy. The other two boys found it hilarious! I have to say though my absolute favorite memory of all was at the very end. We put on some music and had the boys dancing on top of the table. Their middle child especially was a dancing maniac! It was the best! Check out the last few pictures to see what I mean. Enjoy the pictures of this adorable family!

What do you want to remember about your kids 20 years from now?

My boys genuine smiles, interactions and love we have for one another.

What is your favorite thing about each of your family members?

Kyle- sense of humor, kindness, cleverness, silver-fox hair. James- Intelligence, tender-heart, his laugh. Mason- Sweet blue eyes, funny things you say, always first to say sorry. Hudson- shy smile, your love of animals and the outdoors, Momma's boy.

What hobbies do you do as a family?

Play board games, ride bikes, play outside together, going on adventures together.

If you could pick one word that describes you as a family, what would it be?


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