Zappone Family

The Zappone family! I absolutely loved this session! First of all, how awesome is their last name?! It matches how awesome they are. Our session took place in downtown Phoenix near Roosevelt Row. I love the city modern vibe that downtown Phoenix provides. Roosevelt Row is the place to be if you are fun and artistic, which is totally the Zappone family! Lyndsay, Colin, Liam, and Lila... don't they just have the cutest names?! I love when names match faces and personalities so well. Liam is the sweetest big brother and it was so adorable to see how much he loved his sister during the session. Lila is the definition of FUN! She had so much energy which I absolutely love. If I told her to run, she ran! If I told her to jump, she jumped! There were so many adorable moments when I didn't even give her a prompt and she would just do something so cute or hilarious! I loved it!

What do you want to remember about your kids 20 years from now?

How goofy and fun we were together!

For Mom: What is your favorite thing about each of your family members?

Favorite thing about Colin: We have the same sense of humor and are each other’s biggest fan! Favorite thing about Liam: He is the MOST creative person I have ever met- always dreaming of another world filled with interesting characters. Favorite thing about Lila: She knows what she wants and exactly how to get it- watch out world!

For Dad: What is your favorite thing about each of your family members?

Lynds: sense of humor, Liam: creativity, Lila: musicality

What hobbies/activities do you do as a family??

Dance parties ALL THE TIME, eating out at new restaurants, cooking and hosting dinners/events, traveling, playing with our dog Leo.

If you could pick one word that describes you as a family, what would it be?


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