Needs Family

The Needs Family, just the most sweetest beautiful family there is! When I moved to Phoenix in the fall 2017 they were one of my first clients and I was so happy to see that they booked me again! These cute blondies just always make my heart happy. We had our session at the Desert Botanical Gardens, a cactus paradise! Cacti, on cacti, on cacti! If you haven't been to the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix yet I 100% recommend it.

How gorgeous is this little cutie's hair?! Just the most stunning gorgeous long hair you ever did see! Olivia is just the absolute cutest! She is just a little model. If I asked her to do anything she did it with the hugest smile on her face, which can be rare with kids her age. My favorite pose she would make would to clasp her hands together and press her hands against her face. It was heart melting!

I just love families that have such a huge love for each other that there is no faking it when they get in front of the camera. The Needs family is definitely one of those families. All of their smiles were full of so much happiness.

So one of the tricky things about shooting in Desert Botanical Garden or the desert in general is the cacti. Even though they are so beautiful they are sharp and poky and I have had my fair share of getting hurt by those buggers. In the beautiful image above you see that beautiful purple-ish bush on the bottom? Well little did I know as I was going into the "bush" that it was a type of cactus! It was poking me the whole time but it made for one of my favorite pictures to date so it was worth it, haha!

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