Places to Go, Food to Eat - Tucson

We just moved to Tucson a couple of weeks ago and we are already so in love with this place. My husband went to school at NAU-Phoenix for physical therapy school and now we're down here for a couple of his internships. We didn't realise how much there is to do here! We are so excited to explore even more that Tucson has to offer but this has been a great start!

Things to do

Mission San Xavier del Bac & indian bread

This the oldest mission in Arizona, built around 1783. This historic Spanish catholic mission is just absolutely beautiful and a must see. Right outside of the mission is a bunch of locals selling legit Indian bread. If you've never had it before you're missing out!

University of Arizona

The best way that Seth and I like to get around and cover as much as we can is by bringing our big wheeled scooters with us. They were perfect when we went to go visit the University of Arizona campus. This place was huge! So beautiful and lots to see. There were also a lot of museums. Some of them were free like the Museum of Photography. Most of the museum was under construction so we'll have to go again sometime soon. There was also an art museum that required a ticket but we hope to go back again to check it out.

Downtown Tucson

We loved checking out this colorful city! Everywhere you turn there's an amazing huge wall mural. It makes Tucson so unique. We of course brought our scooters out again and we were so glad we did. We found out that on Saturdays it's free parking! I've never heard of a city being so thoughtful. No paying the meters here! We loved going around and seeing fun little treasures like Tony the Phoenix, the St. Augustine Cathedral, a colorful flowery pavilion, the spot where Wyatt Earp shot the first of many awful cowboys, etc. Makes for a great Tucson date!

Southern arizona transportation museum

The people of the Southern Arizona Transporation Museum were so nice! It's a quaint place but you learn a lot about trains in Arizona and how they paved the way for transportation. We both had never seen a telegraph machine before and it was really fun testing it out. If you go just around the corner you will also see a huge originally train that you can check out. Admission is free but they encourage a $5 donation.

Places to Eat

Sonoran Hotdogs

We heard to go to El Guerro's to get their Sonoran Hotdogs from three different friends before we moved here and now we are now another witness of the awesomeness of these hotdogs. Bacon wrapped delicious mouth is watering just thinking about it! They are definitely fairly priced, in fact we got two each!

The hub

When I asked my husband what his favorite part of this weekend was, he said that it was seeing me get so excited about The Hub's menu. Guys. I am such a foodie but very rarely do I want EVERY. SINGLE. THING. on the menu. Everything just sounded so good I couldn't get over it! If you go in on Saturday's they have a bunch menu. I ended up getting the Cubano and Seth got their pastrami sandwich. They were both so yummy!


Ok, so all of the the people of Tucson might hate me forever with what I'm about to say. About 100 people begged for me to go to Eggee's saying that it was the best thing ever. If you've never heard of it before they're known for their Icee's. I got a pina colada flavored Eggee's and it was delicious! However I will say, it did not live up to the hype. Everyone said that it was the best thing ever and I just didn't see it. So yes I loved it and will be going again and I recommend it but it's not earth shattering amazing.

hub ice cream factory

Does the name sound familiar? It's because The Hub owns them and they have their own ice cream shop across the street. You can also order their ice cream at The Hub itself. This place was seriously delicious! Not much hospitality from the workers but the ice cream speaks for itself. I 100% recommend the Queen Honey Bee ice cream.


I will be sharing more about fun Tucson finds in the next coming months. In the mean time do you have any places you love about Tuscon? Share below!

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