Wengert Family

I seriously LOVE this family! Their hearts are just full of gold and I'm so grateful to know them. They were one of the first families I took pictures of in Phoenix and I have been so blessed to been asked to take pictures for their family many times since. Their smiles are so contagious and the love that they have for one another is just so pure!

Our session took place at the beautiful Desert Botanical Gardens. If you haven't been there before I completely recommend it if you are a cactus lover. It's nothing short of gorgeous! We went early in the morning before it was crowded which was really awesome. Their little man was all smiles and laughter and we had a wonderful time.

During our session, Jamie had mentioned to me that they were pregnant with their second kid! I'm SO happy for them! They hadn't announced it yet and were wanting to get some pictures for the announcement. This was the first time I was able to capture a baby announcement and I hope it will not be the last! In a world that is trying to destroy life instead of create it I am all aboard with celebrating every single precious life that comes into this earth. That little baby is going to be blessed with the most amazing, loving parents he/she could ever imagine.

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