Delaney & Henry

Have you ever heard of Arizona raining?! It's super rare especially outside of the monsoon season but the day I was originally supposed to capture Delaney and Henry's engagement pictures it was seriously raining cats and dogs! Thankfully we were able to schedule for the next day and it was one of my absolute favorite engagement sessions to date. You know when you're around a couple and you can just feel the love they have for each other? It's so raw, real, and beautiful. That's exactly the kind of love Delaney and Henry have. They were so happily in love which made my job of capturing the love they had for each other easy as pie! We started off at Scorpion Gulch and then we headed up the street to South Mountain. I've moved from Arizona to Boise and I have been having some MAJOR withdrawals especially when it comes to the the gorgeous cactus. South Mountain is cactus central and we had so much fun taking pictures with the beautiful saguaros. Before we started our session, I asked the couple a few questions and here are some of their DARLING responses about each other:

What hobbies/activities do you do as a couple?

Working out/Hiking

What is your favorite thing about your man?

"Without fail he is always there for me and treats me like an absolute princess!"

What is your favorite thing about your woman?

He said to his sweetheart, "...honestly it's seriously how much you care. You are seriously considerate of everybody that you meet. You are extremely hard working, and sooooo freaking cute."

If you could pick one word that describes you as a couple, what would it be?

"Soul mates :)"

Are those not just the absolute sweetest responses ever?! I just love these two so much and I can't wait for their beautiful wedding in Michigan in the fall. Enjoy these cuties!

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