Taylor Family

Ahhh the Taylor Family. They are the absolute best! When we were first married they lived right below us in our first apartment. They invited us over to carve pumpkins for Halloween and the rest was history. We became instant best friends and have had so many good memories together. Unfortunately since then we've moved so much and haven't been able to see them very much.

We were so excited when we found out we were coming back to Utah for 10 weeks for one of Seth's physical therapy rotations, which meant we got to see them and their growing family! They have the cutest son, Charlie aka Chip, and a darling baby girl, Grace. I had such a blast capturing their beautiful family and how much they love each other.

During our session, as you can tell, it was very cold and sometimes it can be difficult to have a family session when it's cold out. But these guys were total troopers! Sweet little Grace was all bundled up in her daddy's jacket which was just so cute. The closer they were together as a family the warmer they were, which always makes for the best pictures!

We had our photo shoot at Rock Canyon in Provo, Utah. It is always such a beautiful place to shoot. I love how the rock mountains seem to be layer upon layer. Since most of my photography career has been in Arizona it was fun to have a change of scenery, especially with the snow! It was really neat to be back because I was in Provo when I first started photography and I remember going to Rock Canyon often for my first shoots. Now I have learned so much! But I'm so excited for all the things I'll get to learn in the future as I progress with my photography business.

Here's some pictures from this gorgeous session. Enjoy!

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