Norton Family

The Norton family was truly so sweet and full of adventure! We met at Rock Canyon in Provo, Utah and it was absolutely freezing! Erika was wearing a beautiful dress and totally rocked it even though it was super chilly. These guys came out ready to have some fun and we had a great time! It was such an honor to take their first family pictures. The Norton family really is all about adventure! After our session was done they got into their winter clothes and went hiking. I love it! They love to do all sorts of family activities together and it's an understatement when I say they are total family goals!

What do you want to remember about your family 20 years from now?

"We want our family in 20 years to sit around the dinner table laughing and telling stories about all the good memories and adventures we have had."

For Mom: What is your favorite thing about each of your family members?

"I love how positive and helpful Erik is.. he's pretty amazing and basically perfect. I love how determined Mads is and I love his laugh and when he gives us kisses."

For Dad: What is your favorite thing about each of your family members?

"I love how funny and pretty Erika is and that she loves to go on adventures with me. She loves to help people I love Mads' tricks and things that he is learning. I love his kisses and when he claps."

What hobbies/activities do you do as a family?

"We like to hike, camp, road trip, go on walks, play at the parks, spend time outside, visit National Parks and travel. We like yummy food too."

If you could pick one word that describes you as a family, what would it be?

"Alive! Full of life :)"

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